PRGM – Toasted Brown Sculpture/Raku Clay with Coarse Grog


Firing range: Cone 6-10 (2269º-2381ºF)
Biscuit: Cone 06 (1855ºF)
Water content: 21%
Plasticity (IP Atterberg): 19
Carbonate content (CaCO3): 0%
Drying shrinkage: 7.0%
Firing shrinkage at Cone 10: 5.1%
Porosity (water absorption) at Cone 10: 9.0%
Dry bending strength: 2.7 N/mm2
Fired bending strength at Cone 10: 19.3 N/mm2
Thermal coefficient (a25-500ºC): 50.5×10-7ºC-1



Conveniently comes filmed-wrapped in a 27.6 lb. (12.5 kg) package

Toasted brown sculpture and Raku clay body with coarse grog (up to 12 Mesh).  Formulated for artistic ceramics, it is ideal for large sculptural works, murals and big Raku pieces.  The high content of grog confers a beautiful rugged texture and an excellent behavior during drying and firing.  Its amazing firing color (from Cone 8 in oxidizing atmosphere and Cone 6 in reducing atmosphere), with different tones of toasted brown, highlights the relief of the piece, and becomes an ideal artistic mean of expression.

Available in extruded body (moist form).


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12.5 kg (27.6 lb)